a picture of me

My name is Alden Bradford. I made this site to share my projects with people. You can read the latest on my blog following the link above. Below are links to a few projects which I have created which I am particularly proud of.

An emulator for a common scientific calculator

My favorite scientific calculator is the TI-30Xa. We use it at Purdue in many of the math courses I have taught. In order to make it easier to show the calculator in class, and help students practice using it when they only have their phones, I wrote an emulator in JavaScript which runs in the web browser. Most of the features have been implemented by now, though a few are yet to come. I have followed a strict pattern of test driven development here, which is particularly well-suited to this case since the desired final behavior is entirely prescribed: it should do what the real calculator does. Now that it is functional, the next step for this project is to build a test circuit from a genuine TI-30Xa so that I can generate test cases automatically. You can follow the development on GitHub.

A tool to generate Apollonian gaskets

This uses a clever algorithm which was first published in 2001. This was used to make some posters to decorate the Purdue math department.

A Spanish/English translation dictionary

This is a collaboration between myself and Sofía Martínez Alberga. We were disappointed by the existing translation tools for bilingual mathematicians, so we decided to do something about it.

A tool for teaching complex analysis to middleschool students

This was made hurriedly to help my sister teach complex analysis concepts to middle school students during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is also a fun place to play around distorting images.